Event Not Syncing

Events syncing from other calendar apps into Timepage:

If you’ve created an event in a different calendar app and it isn’t appearing in Timepage, it may take a moment to sync, especially if your internet connection is slow.  If it still doesn’t appear:
  • Close Timepage by double tapping your iPhone home button and swiping it upwards
  • Reopen Timepage and you will see a sync indicator in the top right of the screen, wait until this disappears and see if the event has appeared
If that doesn’t work, double check the correct calendar is visible:
  • In the other calendar app, see which account/calendar the event was saved under (for example it might be under your Google account called the Personal calendar)
  • In Timepage, from the timeline swipe across to Settings then tap Accounts and check the email address matches
  • In Timepage, from the timeline swipe across to Settings and tap Calendars > Visible Calendars and check there is a tick icon next to the calendar your event was saved to. If not, tap the calendar to make it visible (it will then show a tick)
Events syncing from Timepage to other calendar apps:
Usually this is because the calendar your event is saved to is different or hidden in the other app.
  • Open the event in Timepage and near the bottom check the name of the calendar the event is saved to.
  • In the other calendar app, ensure this calendar is visible and close and reopen the app to start a fresh sync.

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