Event Invitations and RSVP

Show Event Invitations On Your Calendar

When someone sends you an event invitation, you can choose to see these tentative events on your calendar before you accept or decline them.

  • In the Timepage menu, go to Preferences > Timeline then make sure "Show event invites on timeline" is ticked

Why Can't I Decline Some Invites?

It's currently not possible to decline certain events such as those added by Gmail or Facebook. We are looking into ways of allowing this.  In the meantime, you can respond to those invites by going to the relevant website (e.g. Facebook).

Can I See When Someone Accepts an Invite?

Unfortunately this is not always possible but we are looking into it.

Can I Disable Sending Event Invitations?

Timepage uses Apple's frameworks for managing events, and unfortunately we have no control over the email invitations that are sent by those systems. 

However, there is a work-around. If you type the name of a person, you'll see the first option at the top says "Add this new attendee". This option will just add the name that you typed, and not link it to an actual contact in your address book. The downside to this is that Timepage is storing the information on the device, rather than using Apple's EventKit to sync it, so the people you've linked this way will not appear on any other devices that you may use. Another way of doing it - that is synced across devices - is to add a list of people to the "Notes" field.

How do I send an invite to an event?
To invite people to an event, please create your event as usual. Then go to the "People" section of the event's detail screen. Here you'll be able to search your iOS Contacts to find people to add. Please note that the notifications are handled by iOS, and it can be a little "overzealous" in keeping people updated when any of the event's details change. Therefore it would be best not to edit the event title or add notes unless you want everyone to be notified about the change.
Why do people receive update emails about an event?
When you invite someone to a meeting, it is all handled by iOS, and unfortunately we have no control over the notifications it sends. It will send a new notification any time any detail of that meeting changes. This is obviously not ideal, but unfortunately it is the way iOS does it, and would be the same if you were using the iOS Calendar app.
It is possible to add someone as a "custom" attendee by just typing their name and selecting the top item in the list. This will mean that no invitation is sent out at all, and you therefore have the person listed against the event for your own information, but you're not sending people updates.
How do I RSVP to an event?
From the main menu, choose RSVP, then tap the relevant event invite and tap on the RSVP section to select your response.
It isn't possible to ignore an invitation to make it disappear from the RSVP list at this time.

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