Does Timepage have a URL scheme?

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Add Event

Open Timepage to the new event screen.  Title and day can be optionally specified.  Callback URL can be optionally specified.


"Add Event" also supports x-callback-url in the format:

timepage://x-callback-url/add_event?x-success=<success callback url>&x-cancel=<cancel callback url>&<other regular parameters>

Open Event

Open Timepage and show a specified event.

timepage://open_event?event=<"next" | event_id>

timepage://open_event_map?event=<"next" | event_id>

Open Day / Week / Month

Open Timepage and show a specified day, week, or month


timepage://open_week?week=<"this" | "next" | index**>

timepage://open_month?month=<"this" | "next" | index**>

Open Weather

Open Timepage and show weather for a specified dar or week.


timepage://open_weather?week=<"this" | "next" | index**>


Open Timepage and show search results for the specified search terms.


Get Event (use x-callback-url to fetch info about an event)

Get a specified event and return its details via a specified callback URL.

timepage://x-callback-url/get_event?event=<"next" | event_id>&x-success=<success callback url>

"Get Event" calls the success callback url (x-success) with the following parameters:

start=<yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm>&end=<yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm>&title=<event title>&location=<event location>


* <day> can be specified as either:

  • Date in the format yyyy-mm-dd
  • Special strings "today" or "tomorrow"
  • Upcoming weekday name (long or short) such as "monday", "tuesday, "wed", etc.  Is specific to the language set by the device.  Always specifies the next upcoming day with this name.

**<index>specifies an offset to the current week/month.  For example, when opening a specific week, index 0=this week, 1=next week, -1=last week, etc.

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